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Celtics vs Warriors 2022 NBA Finals

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  • Celtics vs Warriors 2022 NBA Finals

    Celtics are going to win this series
    And this fat lazy **** I work with is going to win $8,000 because of it. That lucky bastard

    celtics have the size and athleticism to hang with the warriors imo. Won’t be a cake walk for either team but I say Celtics in 6

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    Game 1 goes to Boston
    they just couldn’t miss in the 4th quarter. Unbelievable shooting


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      YES BOSTON! As much as I've always loved the Celtics and was thrilled they got to the finals, I don't believe they'll win out. But to win on the road, well it was great. Still not convinced they'll win but looks like it could be a competitive series. Hope so. Maybe it's because I just don't want to get my hopes up. Broncos have trampled all over my hopes for 6 years.


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        Steph curry is something else
        greatest 3 point shooter of all time

        series is tied 2-2. Boston missed a big chance to go up 3-1. I still think they can pull this out. They’ve looked like the better team despite Tatums shit performances


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          Yes, Boston seems to stop playing at the end of the games they lost. Despite being up for most of the game they just withered at the end. Enjoying the matchup though.